Why Garage Epoxy Flooring Is Worth It

A garage is no longer just a place to park your car and store your stuff. These days, many homeowners are using this space to create an in-house auto showroom or man cave. If you’re looking to give your garage a professional makeover, you should consider is re-doing the floors with epoxy. Epoxy flooring is a durable and aesthetically pleasing garage flooring system that is diverse. Being tough, slip resistant, easy to clean and can be personalised to suit the space. Here are the top reasons why epoxy flooring for your garage improvement project is worth it.

Why It’s Different To Other Options

Most people are familiar with the standard garage flooring options like vinyl or plain concrete. However, these products don’t offer the same level of protection and durability as epoxy. Epoxy is a thermosetting resin that cures to form a strong, hard surface. This makes it much more resistant to chipping, stains, chemicals, impact and surface abrasion compared to traditional flooring options. For those using their garage as an auto haven, dropping a tool or motorbike falling over won’t cause integrity damage.

As epoxy is a surface coating, it seals and masks any imperfections. This includes spider cracks and chips – being easily filled before the coating is applied. Add a flake to the floor and you certainly won’t see any preexisting wear and tear your garage floor. The other benefit for sealing the surface of the floor is that it is anti-dusting. With plain concrete floors they shed powder causing most of the dust in the garage or shed. With normal foot traffic on bare concrete, dust can be disturbed and settle on your vehicles and surfaces. Not to mention tracked into the home.

Remove Misconceptions

A common misconception that occurs when people consider epoxy, is thinking that it is akin to simply painting the floor. Most paints for garage floors are a latex acrylic paint, and can offer alternative finishes from matte to gloss. One of the differences is that it doesn’t offer any durability or protection for your floor. Some paint options may have a small ratio of resin added to the mixture. This offers some durability improvement, however can’t compare to an authentic epoxy finish. Another deal breaker on this range of floor paints is that it doesn’t seal the floor. But rather act as a single decorative coating to your floor. This makes installing epoxy flooring worth it over cheaper, decorative options.

Bring Your Hobby To Life

Epoxy flooring is installed in large scale workshops and professional mechanics due to its many practical features. This includes stain resistant to oils, chemicals and various mechanical fluids due to epoxy’s resistance to liquids. The floor won’t absorb any spill and it is even easier to clean up! If you have any manoeuvrable tool boxes or equipment, the surface will not damage or chip away like some others. Not to mention that with epoxy flooring, there are 100s of combinations of colour and flake finishes. So you will not be limited in truly customising the space!

It’s safe to say that you can bring your hobby to life. Transforming your garage into a functional home workshop or auto showroom where you can enjoy your passion. Once installed, epoxy is easy to maintain and can last up to 20 years without needing to be replaced. If you feel it requires a touch up, you can use the manufacturer’s recommended floor polish. This can reduce the appearance of any scuffs or scratches. You can also consult with your installer for recommendations on fixing visible wear and tear.


When you are reviewing your options for flooring, epoxy is certainly more budget friendly compared to other alternatives. Epoxy can be directly installed over the top of concrete after preparation, this is where it’s more competitive with pricing. Installing tiles, wood, vinyl or polished concrete requires much more extensive preparation and removal of preexisting flooring. Most garages are plain concrete, so epoxy can be installed faster and subsequently cheaper than the alternatives.


Another benefit to installing epoxy flooring into your garage is it is a seamless finish. If you’re getting vinyl or concrete, they have to be done in tiles or split into 2 or more slabs. Epoxy can completely cover a surface without requiring any visible seams. Giving you a professional looking floor as well as avoiding gaps where dirt can settle in the floor.


Epoxy is resistant to germs and bacteria, and is popular in medical clinics and hospitals because of that feature. Without the risk of mould growth, you can be sure that stored valuable items are safe.

Top Coat Variety

After having chosen the desired colour and flake for your epoxy flooring, you also get to choose the type of top coat finish. At SAGE Epoxy flooring, we offer 4 varieties of coating options to select from including;

Grip – Slip resistant finish

Essential – Semi textured finish

Crystal – Semi textured gloss finish

Diamond – High gloss finish with added depth

This gives you that extra level of customising. Creating a space that will suit exactly what you plan to use it for! From a practical workshop or studio, through to a personal escape where you can unwind or catch up with mates!

Are You Convinced?

With so many options out there for your garage makeover, you can be sure epoxy flooring is 100% worth it! With SAGE Epoxy Flooring, we not only install premium flooring finishes, but are painters by trade too! Contact our team today to secure your exclusive offer on your walls to floor garage renovation!