How to Determine High-Quality Epoxy

Epoxy floors can make rooms feel modern, especially when high quality epoxy systems have been installed. It delivers an attractive look and functional characteristics that work well in residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

Rooms take on a new dimension once the epoxy floor hardens and light bounces from its surface. Since it hides flooring defects once applied, even annoying flaws become a distant memory when high-quality products are used.

How do you determine if an epoxy coating is made from high-quality materials?

List of Characteristics to Look for in High-Quality Epoxy

Some epoxy products are high-quality options that work in several applications. Others provide specific benefits, but don’t deliver a wide-ranging solution for commercial and industrial sites.

Then there are the epoxy products you might need to avoid to receive your desired outcome.

Here is a closer look at several epoxy characteristics and why they matter when determining product quality.

High Quality Epoxy Characteristics

Epoxy CharacteristicWhy This Epoxy Characteristic Matters
ClarityHigh-quality epoxy products should be clear and transparent, without any cloudiness or haziness. When mixing materials for floors, these features may change with additives, but the initial product should not seem like you’re replicating a foggy day.
StrengthA high-quality epoxy should have a high tensile strength, meaning it can withstand significant force or pressure without breaking or cracking.
HardnessThe best epoxy products should be pretty hard and durable. When applied to a floor, it should withstand impact events and scratches.
Chemical ResistanceIt should be resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including solvents, acids, and bases.
UV ResistanceA high-quality epoxy should be resistant to UV radiation, which can cause yellowing and degradation of the epoxy over time.
Self-LevellingThis feature means the epoxy should spread evenly over the applied surface without creating uneven areas or various bumps that require additional attention.
Manufacturer ReputationCheck the reputation of the epoxy manufacturer to determine if they are known for producing high-quality products. Look for reviews or testimonials from clients who have used the epoxy in similar applications.

Two additional factors are worth reviewing when determining if you have high-quality epoxy available to use. First, the pot life rating should be reasonable. This measurement is the amount of time it takes for the epoxy to start hardening after it is mixed.

The other factor involves the effort it takes to mix the product. A high-quality epoxy should be easy to mix and apply without requiring complicated or time-consuming preparation.

What Is the Top Epoxy Brand?

Our team only looks to using epoxy suppliers that offer a premium, high quality product. Ensuring that you get only the best epoxy system for your flooring. We source our epoxy profits from APC – All Purpose Coatings. This supplier is Australian based. So you know that they understand the differing environments throughout Australia. Adjusting their product to be fit for this environment.

Located in Brisbane, APC epoxy products are 100% Australian Owned and Made. They continuously test and adapt their products so that the application can be diverse. From small residential garages through to large scale civil projects. APC aims to continuously develop their epoxy products in order to offer industry leading systems. They implement modern technology so that you receive a reliable, timeless finish to your flooring.

The team at SAGE Epoxy Flooring have all gone through accreditation and training the APC offers. This allows our team to understand the product inside and out. Knowing every benefit and best method to apply so that you can reap the benefits of an epoxy system at your home or business.

How to Choose High-Quality Epoxy for Flooring

Selecting the best epoxy for flooring can depend on several factors. Including the type of flooring, the level of traffic the flooring will experience, and environment in which it will be installed.

Think about the traffic levels and the coating thickness you prefer for the installation. Areas that will experience heavy foot traffic or heavy machinery, a more durable epoxy with a higher solids content may be necessary. Thicker coatings are generally more durable and long-lasting. But they may take longer to cure and require more time for installation. When you combine the features of high-quality epoxy with the needs that must be met. Some brands will stand out from the rest. It is essential to choose these products from a reputable name while consulting with experienced flooring specialists, like our team. To ensure the installation work is done correctly and meets current codes and standards.