Residential Epoxy

SAGE Epoxy Flooring is the Top Choice for Expert Residential Epoxy Coating Services in Newcastle,
Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, and Port Stephens! Transform your floor at an affordable cost!

SAGE Epoxy flooring services residential areas from Warners Bay, Newcastle, and The Hunter Valley to Port Stephens. We are the experts in transforming garages, studios, workshops, outdoor areas, and more at affordable cost! Your floor shouldn't be overlooked when you're renovating your home. Browse below the areas where we can install epoxy flooring - giving you a show-stopping finish every time.


Your garage is not just a space where you store your car or unused items - it is an extension of your home. With epoxy flooring, you can transform your garage with not only a durable and strong flooring system, but also design the system to be inline with your home.


Epoxy flooring will not only be a timeless addition to your garage, but also protect your floor oil or chemical stains - being a space you can be proud to show off. Join the 1000s of others that have completely transformed their garage with epoxy flooring.


Have a home studio, gym or business? Epoxy flooring can be the perfect way to curate a timeless space, while also providing you with a budget friendly way to curate a space that reflects your craft.


Epoxy flooring is a seamless flooring system that is hygienic, easy to maintain and a simple way to transform and customise a space that reflects your personality or small business compared to traditional flooring on the market.


For the avid hobbyist that loves to work on their passion projects, mainstream concrete flooring is difficult to maintain. For your home workshop, don’t settle for basic flooring - transform your space with epoxy flooring.


Typical concrete flooring wears over time - emitting dust and quickly absorbing oil and chemical stains, leaving you with dusty equipment and a workshop that looks substandard. With epoxy flooring, your floor will be sealed, leaving you with less dust and a stain resistant system that is fully customisable. Create a workshop space that expresses your personality and that you can be proud of - join the many others who have already transformed their home workshop with epoxy flooring.


The driveway and exterior walkways are always an afterthought when you’re renovating your home. These areas are what can elevate your curbside appeal, while also offering practical solutions over mainstream tiles and concrete.


With epoxy flooring, you can achieve specific slip ratings to ensure that yourself and guests are safe, while also achieving the ultimate aesthetic that completes your home. With the epoxy Grip Finish range, you won’t be disappointed with the final look of your home's exterior walkways, driveway or entertaining areas.



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