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SAGE Epoxy Flooring is the Top Choice for Expert Commercial Epoxy Coating Services in Newcastle,
Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, and Port Stephens!

For many commercial industries like hospitality, healthcare and automotive, there are many rules and regulations that govern the type of flooring that can be installed. Design, look and feel shouldn’t be sacrificed within this process. With SAGE Epoxy Flooring, you can have peace of mind that you not only meet the flooring standard of your industry, but will have a premium finish that is timeless.


Epoxy flooring is perfect for commercial kitchens from fast food outlets through to 5 star restaurants. Installing an epoxy system within your commercial kitchen is the perfect way to meet regulations and standards due to both its hygienic characteristics as well as ability to have a precise non slip rating.


If your commercial kitchen is due for renovations, or your current flooring no longer meets minimum standards, contact our team today to discuss the variety of custmisable options available to precisely suit your needs.


When you’re considering your next retail renovation or shop fitout, your flooring shouldn’t be an oversight. With epoxy flooring for your retail store, you can completely tailor your flooring system to suit your brand and clientele.


From designer to timeless flake finishes, your retail store will be dressed to impress new and returning customers. Our expert epoxy specialists in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Port Stephens will guide you through the process and work within your timeline and budget to ensure minimal downtime during your renovation or fit-out - so contact our team today for your complimentary consultation!


For businesses who showcase their product onsite like car dealerships, furniture stores or businesses offering fixtures and finishes, epoxy flooring systems are the perfect flooring option for you.


With an array of bespoke through to neutral finishes, you’ll be reassured your floors not only look pristine but are easy to maintain too. Your showroom flooring shouldn’t be the last consideration during your renovation or fit out project - contact our expert team today to discuss the vast options available for your showroom floor.


WIthin the healthcare industry, we understand how important it is for every aspect of your operation to be compliant. With epoxy flooring, you can have peace of mind that not only will your flooring be hygienic and easy to maintain, but can also meet and exceed the standards you require.


Epoxy flooring systems can meet a variety of slip standards - meeting a P0 through to P5 slip rating. Epoxy flooring has been used through nursing homes, local pharmacies, hospitals and more. Join the hundreds of others within the healthcare industry, and install your custom epoxy flooring solution today.


Whether you’re looking for a bespoke finish for your showroom, or looking to create a contemporary mechanical workshop, epoxy flooring is the perfect flooring system for the automotive sector. Epoxy flooring is a seamless system, allowing you to customise the finish from your reception area through to the workshop.


As epoxy flooring is an incredibly durable, chemical and stain resistant system, you’ll have a spotless floor for many years to come. Not only are there designer finishes available for areas where you interact with customers, but a variety of options to implement floor markings to meet occupational health and safety standards in your workshop. Contact our team today for your complimentary quote today!



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