Epoxy Flooring Flake Options

When it comes to flooring, there are a variety of options to choose from. You can go with a traditional option like hardwood, polished concrete or carpet. But you can also look to explore more creative possibilities with epoxy flooring. SAGE offers two different types of flake for your epoxy installation: the Ultra flake and the Hyper flake range. So what’s the difference between the two? Let’s take a closer look, and help you find the perfect flooring solution for your next renovation.  

Epoxy Flooring: Ultra Flake

The Ultra flake is our more versatile option, with a range of neutral mixes like Ice, Carbon or Graphite. These neutrals are just a few that give you a more white, through to black aesthetic. For a brighter variety of options, you can consider flake like Desert, Bluestorm or Outback – just to list a few. These pops of colour in desert and outback boast differing red and neutral tone ratios in their mix. While Bluestorm is a mix of medium blue tone with white and black peppered throughout – exactly what you’d imagine as a blue storm. Ultra Flake range competes with flooring products such as polished concrete, or creative vinyl options just without the price tag.

If you’re looking for a flooring option that is particularly creative, you can even choose from a range of glitter! With the Ultra Flake range, you have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to organising your epoxy flooring. So don’t hesitate voicing your vision even if it seems less mainstream!

Flake varieties available can be paired with particular top coats to suit the functionality of the space that’ll feature epoxy flooring. Choose from a textured finish (Essential Finish) – which may be suitable to your garage motor or wood workshop setting. An elegant gloss or matte finish (Crystal Finish) can be applied to a studio or gym setting where you aren’t facing many liquid spills. Or you can choose a high gloss finish (Diamond Finish) that is popular for a showroom or entertaining area.


Epoxy Flooring: Hyper Flake

The Hyper flake is another style of flakes that allows you to have a finish that appears more natural. Choosing from finishes like Sandstone, Quarry or Basalt can give the space a contemporary look and feel. This look is significantly more affordable than if you were to have genuine stone flooring. These stone like finishes are not only a premium, seamless alternative, but are also very customisable. You have the option to choose from alternative base tones. This can completely change the design once installed, and truly personalise the space unlike a genuine stone or polished installation. Across the Hyper and Ultra Flake Systems there are over 200 base coats. Depending on the flake system you choose, you’ll find set colours available to accompany your favourite flake.

When looking to add your top coast to the Hyper Flake, you’ll find finishes available include; Crystal – having a glossy, glass like finish that is modern, durable and hygienic. This particular finish is recommended for anything from a man cave through to a kitchenette area. You can also choose the Diamond Finish, taking your floor to the next level by adding additional depth and gloss.

Within the Hyper Flake range, there is a Signature Series. This range is elegant, and a perfect long term flooring solution that will outlive any other flooring system. This range is treated differently compared to the Ultra or base level Hyper Flake. This particular range, you have even more finish varieties to choose from that’ll give you a matte or gloss look. All top coats offer UV stability to ensure colour fastness for your epoxy system.


What Style Suits Your Needs?

After assessing the alternative options in flake, you now fully understand what purpose each range serves. It now comes down to what your vision is for a space – do you want a bright and colourful finish? Or be inline with the more natural stone-like aesthetic? It is certainly exciting to find an affordable product that can mimic the look and feel of expensive flooring options like polished concrete or stone finishes.

If you are searching for a premium finish without the high end price tag, you can be sure that epoxy flooring is the option you need to have included in your renovation checklist. When it comes down to choosing what’s best for your space – we understand it can be tough! That’s why our team at SAGE Epoxy Flooring is always on hand to offer colour consultations in our showroom to find what finish will best suit the space, as well as your vision. Contact the team today to get your personalised offer for your next home or office improvement project!