6 Myths About Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a great way to transform your home, business or industrial warehouse. However, when considering epoxy flooring systems, there are many misconceptions circulating that can misinform you on the transformation. We’re here to bust the myth about epoxy flooring so you have peace of mind going into your next renovation project!

Epoxy Flooring Is Expensive

With decorative flooring on the rise, a common misconception is that epoxy is expensive. Epoxy flooring can provide a great option when affordability is an issue during a renovation project. From cut-and seal to fully flaked systems, there’s something perfect no matter what your needs may be! To ensure that you get this quality at affordable prices we have systemised prep work. This includes removing any imperfections in existing surfaces as well as filling them if necessary. All optional though highly recommended because who doesn’t want their house looking pristine?

You can usually get out of trouble with an average spend per square metre being roughly the same as tiles. Just without the same labour costs. However, we also offer more budget friendly solutions. This includes two coat systems and a cut & seal. This involves grinding the surface before adding a clear topcoat – it looks very similar to polished concrete!

If you’re looking for an affordable way to upgrade your home, consider epoxy floors as the myth of them being expensive is certainly false! They can provide the look and feel of polished concrete or natural stone without breaking your budget! With so many different options available like hyper flake, ultra flake, grip finish, quartz shield, plain coats through to cut and seal in various colours—you can find something perfect no matter your design preferences.

You Can Install It Yourself

Some may say that epoxy kits are like painting a room in your home, but unfortunately it’s not as easy. The first step – which is also the most critical- preparing the floor. The most common problem with epoxy flooring is adhesion problems caused by the wrong preparation or lack of preparation. To achieve the best results and eliminate any adhesion problems the best preparation is by diamond grinding. This ensures any laitance or contaminates are completely removed ensuring a proper bond between concrete and coating.

Acid etching is an absolute minimum when it comes to preparing concrete for epoxy coatings. If your concrete has a steel trowel or chopper finish, acid etching will not open up the pores of the concrete like grinding will. Grinding is also necessary for glue and coatings removal.

Even though DIY kits are available, you aren’t guaranteed to have the perfect finish you envision. Many DIY kits on the market have a lower solids content which result in a weaker coating. Whereas the products we install are 100% solids, giving you a lasting finish! After getting a professional installation, our suppliers offer DIY kits. This allows for easy patch repairs you can perform yourself if needed over time. Through getting the initial installation done professionally, you have peace of mind that it will last. You’ll also have warranted quality of work and floor imperfections once the project is complete.

It is recommended to source a professional if you’re looking for a premium and seamless finish. Professional installers will have all the right tools to prepare the floor properly. As well as install the product properly and to top it off they will provide a guarantee on workmanship too.

You Need To Re-Coat Every Few Years

The epoxy flooring myth of needing to recoat the epoxy flooring once installed is certainly false. When you get a professional installation, the quality of workmanship can leave you with a system that when cared for and maintained, will last 10-20 years. This is due to the quality of the product and extensive floor preparation that ensures that the system will stand the test of time. Recoating is usually to do with aesthetics, the integrity of the flooring is still there over that time period.

Before considering a full re-coat you can consult your installer for their recommendation, it could be as simple as a polish that is required.

Paint Is The Same Thing

Paint is most definitely NOT the same as an epoxy flooring system! There are some solvent based paint products that are designed for concrete coatings,  however this does not offer the durability that a genuine epoxy system can offer. Floor paint is a more quick fix decorative approach, and will most likely peel and bubble after a short period of time.

It’s Hard To Maintain

The final epoxy flooring myth is that it’s difficult to maintain. This is a false assumption, as you can simply use a microfiber cloth pad or soft bristled broom to remove dust and debris. This is suitable for flooring that has a high gloss finish – avoiding any scratching. For outdoor areas, you can easily use a mop, hose or pressure washer in order to remove dirt or marks that won’t budge. There are also products that are available to use on your floor, speak with your installer to recommend the right product if you need a more thorough clean. Overall, epoxy flooring systems are one of the easiest to maintain and clean. For your epoxy system, avoid using acidic and abrasive cleaners, as these can cause aesthetic damage to your flooring finish. For a full care and maintenance guide for epoxy flooring, check out the simple manufacturer’s guide here.

Myths Busted

If you are looking for a decorative flooring system that can offer both a unique aesthetic to your home or business, as well as practical features – epoxy flooring is for you! If you have any other misconceptions or doubts about epoxy flooring, contact our friendly team today for free advice and quotes for your next flooring renovation.